Thursday, 21 January 2010

A New Year, Me & Life!!

Yep thats right a New Year 2010 a New Life as a single parent and a new me with lots to work at...... I left with the kids and the dog just before Christmas (really bright but hey I dont do things by half) We are now starting to settle down after both kids where ill at the beginning of January , Alex with ear infections and Rosie with tummy problems..

I have signed up with a weight loss thing via the Doctor to start at the end of January and hope that the Insurance claim I have pending will come in soon so I can take the kids away for some sunshine .. and to reflect on the year to come. I am hoping to get the house sorted over the next week as my oldest is home on leave.

So here is to a wonderful New Year 2010 with no worries and a little more money sunshine and better health.

I intend to start making things for the house soon so do check back to see some of the things I will make.


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