Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Jessica Sprague's Holidays in Hand

Well after doing Stories in Hand last year and now looking back as I did it with my Mum who is now suffering from dimentia feel it was a great thing to do the memories we wrote down and the pictures we tied into those memories so that I could scrap them together are just so memorable.

So with this in mind I decided to sign up this year to Jessica's Holidays in hand. We have now had three days promts but I have been very busy with my mum as she is moving nearer to me so I can care for her better. So today I write my goals and values.......

My goals this year are to :

  • Have a nice quiet Christmas just the immediate family (me and hubby and the kids) without having to worry about all the rest of our family and their misunderstandings.
  • To have a really traditional Christmas with fun games and snow !!! (if possible)
  • To not be stressed out by all the money and material things that Christmas involves.
  • To remember the true meaning of Christmas.

I also want to value the things that Christmas means like family and caring and worship , we have had some difficult times this year with health and wealth and happiness of the family myself included and we hope that next year brings better times. I worry how many more we will have with my Mum and feel that we shoudl treasure each year more and more.

I would so much like to be more organised and hope that Jessica can help to at least help my Christmas to be more organised.

I am busy making at the moment and will post loads on the site soon that I am making for the school and Church Christmas fair on the 28th November so please do watch this space.

Check back in soon and please do leave a comment.

God Bless