Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Jessica Sprague's Holidays in Hand

Well after doing Stories in Hand last year and now looking back as I did it with my Mum who is now suffering from dimentia feel it was a great thing to do the memories we wrote down and the pictures we tied into those memories so that I could scrap them together are just so memorable.

So with this in mind I decided to sign up this year to Jessica's Holidays in hand. We have now had three days promts but I have been very busy with my mum as she is moving nearer to me so I can care for her better. So today I write my goals and values.......

My goals this year are to :

  • Have a nice quiet Christmas just the immediate family (me and hubby and the kids) without having to worry about all the rest of our family and their misunderstandings.
  • To have a really traditional Christmas with fun games and snow !!! (if possible)
  • To not be stressed out by all the money and material things that Christmas involves.
  • To remember the true meaning of Christmas.

I also want to value the things that Christmas means like family and caring and worship , we have had some difficult times this year with health and wealth and happiness of the family myself included and we hope that next year brings better times. I worry how many more we will have with my Mum and feel that we shoudl treasure each year more and more.

I would so much like to be more organised and hope that Jessica can help to at least help my Christmas to be more organised.

I am busy making at the moment and will post loads on the site soon that I am making for the school and Church Christmas fair on the 28th November so please do watch this space.

Check back in soon and please do leave a comment.

God Bless


Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Well I have been busy on my new sewing machine, and have made another bag with the same fabric as before, a monkey from Melly and Me patterns and a pincushion (I really needed one)

I have been very busy this week what with the business and my mum and making things for the craft shows.....

Sunday, 27 September 2009

sooo proud !!

Its a bit late in posting this but earlier this year we went down to Larkhill to my sons barracks to see him get a medal for his time in Irac........ A few pics I have managed to get and a rare picture of us together.

I've been sewing again and my lovely new machine

I have been a very lucky girl , my mum bless her can't see me without something I need and as my old machine was just about giving up the ghost , she bought me a new one. Its a brother aniversary innovis 10 in pink!! I will take pics tomorrow and show you it is soooo lovely and easy to use and thread, I made a pump bag for alex as we won an appeal to get him into a new school and then started to sew one of Melly and Me patterns Magoo the monkey I will post pics tomorrow when I have stuffed him.

Here is a little pic of the pump bag nothing posh but he loves it!

Friday, 25 September 2009

I am selling a few bits on the UKS Marketplace this weekend and hope people want the few bits I have so here are the pics if you want anything please do send me an email or pm through UKS.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

more bags!

I went to Salisbury to see my friends over the bank holiday and also to collect my daughter who was spending time with her best friend, I had taken the last bag I made as a present for my friend Nicky and she fell in love with it and asked me to make her daughter Rosie a bag for school.

I like kath Kidson she said and mum said I am not paying £25,00 for a bag !!! so I came up with this
I am not sure it is what she wants but hey I am not Kath Kidson!!....

Anyway I also saw my Cousin a few weeks ago when I made the first lunch box and she asked me to make one in pink for her grandaughter and again this is what I did, i am much happier with this one than the first so may well start again with my Rosie's lunch bag.

I will be back soon with more creations as I have been buying like mad.... Material and patterns....


Thursday, 27 August 2009

And more

And more !!! I just cant stop sewing so I made a little purse box thingie to go with it

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Phew!! after a long night I think the time is now 00.38 and I have just finished a bag I have sewn this evening...... I would love some feedback on this one.

I have used some of the £1,00 a metre fabric on the outside and the lining is one I got a log role of for a fiver today and is like a table cloth kind of fabric great for lining and there is loads of it.... I will using this forever I think.

The most expensive bit of this is the interfacing and fusible fleece used on it...

I hope you all like it..


Saturday, 22 August 2009


Hello well I thought I would start a blog seperate from the work one as I would like my friends on uks to see what I am up to but not the work thing.... so here goes..

I have been really busy this last week as my best friend Helen came up with her familt and we went shopping for our new love Fabric.... and this is what we bought..

And all this came from two places a charity shop and a local fabric shop for just £1.00 and £2.00 per it was sooooo lovely and I am going back on Monday for more.......

Then I came home and we got to work cutting and then sewing . I came up with this little lunch box from a free pattern on the internet .... I loved doing it and after showing a few friends have orders for another four.

And to prove I have this bug I then got on and made two pencil cases and another bag this time from a pattern bought from a quilters shop..... the instructions where totally screwed up but I managed to get this lovely bag from it...

I took it mums tonight and she has decided this is hers and then my cousin came round and decided it was hers the battle comenced and it was decided I had to make two more... oh well.

SO hopefully I will get to blog about my creations more and more as time goes on and I get more done and sew on!