Saturday, 22 August 2009


Hello well I thought I would start a blog seperate from the work one as I would like my friends on uks to see what I am up to but not the work thing.... so here goes..

I have been really busy this last week as my best friend Helen came up with her familt and we went shopping for our new love Fabric.... and this is what we bought..

And all this came from two places a charity shop and a local fabric shop for just £1.00 and £2.00 per it was sooooo lovely and I am going back on Monday for more.......

Then I came home and we got to work cutting and then sewing . I came up with this little lunch box from a free pattern on the internet .... I loved doing it and after showing a few friends have orders for another four.

And to prove I have this bug I then got on and made two pencil cases and another bag this time from a pattern bought from a quilters shop..... the instructions where totally screwed up but I managed to get this lovely bag from it...

I took it mums tonight and she has decided this is hers and then my cousin came round and decided it was hers the battle comenced and it was decided I had to make two more... oh well.

SO hopefully I will get to blog about my creations more and more as time goes on and I get more done and sew on!



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