Sunday, 1 January 2012

Oh my a full year since any thing written on this blog I am the worst blogger around , but I am determind this year to make this the year I do something positive with my life and my hoards of material and paper.

So to start with I am doing two yes two blocks of the month and in the side bar you will see the first one , and best of all its free so join in and block along with me !!!!

I will  be back soon with pics of the other block of the month and also the the one I have spent the last ten months doing .

I promise to be a better blogger and blog at least once a month with the blocks I have done .....

Happy New Year to one and all and I hope you like what you are !!! going to see this year on here .


Tuesday, 28 December 2010

OK so Again its a New Year!!!

A New start for sure is about to happen as I make the move from Burnley to Salisbury, with the children and my mother. I am going to make a new start and have closed the website down with a big sale so I can hopefully make a new start with my friends and family around me to support me..

I have been busy though and have been hand sewing some octagons to then make into quilt for my Daughter for her christmas then my mum and my mother in law.... and here are the pics the one for my mum will have to follow as I forgot to take a pic but will get one tomorrow for it and hopefully will updaqte the blog a little more often and make things more often for some craft fairs when we get sorted....

Thursday, 21 January 2010

A New Year, Me & Life!!

Yep thats right a New Year 2010 a New Life as a single parent and a new me with lots to work at...... I left with the kids and the dog just before Christmas (really bright but hey I dont do things by half) We are now starting to settle down after both kids where ill at the beginning of January , Alex with ear infections and Rosie with tummy problems..

I have signed up with a weight loss thing via the Doctor to start at the end of January and hope that the Insurance claim I have pending will come in soon so I can take the kids away for some sunshine .. and to reflect on the year to come. I am hoping to get the house sorted over the next week as my oldest is home on leave.

So here is to a wonderful New Year 2010 with no worries and a little more money sunshine and better health.

I intend to start making things for the house soon so do check back to see some of the things I will make.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Jessica Sprague's Holidays in Hand

Well after doing Stories in Hand last year and now looking back as I did it with my Mum who is now suffering from dimentia feel it was a great thing to do the memories we wrote down and the pictures we tied into those memories so that I could scrap them together are just so memorable.

So with this in mind I decided to sign up this year to Jessica's Holidays in hand. We have now had three days promts but I have been very busy with my mum as she is moving nearer to me so I can care for her better. So today I write my goals and values.......

My goals this year are to :

  • Have a nice quiet Christmas just the immediate family (me and hubby and the kids) without having to worry about all the rest of our family and their misunderstandings.
  • To have a really traditional Christmas with fun games and snow !!! (if possible)
  • To not be stressed out by all the money and material things that Christmas involves.
  • To remember the true meaning of Christmas.

I also want to value the things that Christmas means like family and caring and worship , we have had some difficult times this year with health and wealth and happiness of the family myself included and we hope that next year brings better times. I worry how many more we will have with my Mum and feel that we shoudl treasure each year more and more.

I would so much like to be more organised and hope that Jessica can help to at least help my Christmas to be more organised.

I am busy making at the moment and will post loads on the site soon that I am making for the school and Church Christmas fair on the 28th November so please do watch this space.

Check back in soon and please do leave a comment.

God Bless


Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Well I have been busy on my new sewing machine, and have made another bag with the same fabric as before, a monkey from Melly and Me patterns and a pincushion (I really needed one)

I have been very busy this week what with the business and my mum and making things for the craft shows.....

Sunday, 27 September 2009

sooo proud !!

Its a bit late in posting this but earlier this year we went down to Larkhill to my sons barracks to see him get a medal for his time in Irac........ A few pics I have managed to get and a rare picture of us together.